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speaker services process

VGS speaker services becomes an extension of your business and part of your team, seeking opportunities that will help you reach marketing goals. We work with large companies and individuals, offering both project and retainer billing.

VGS holds an initial meeting with the client to become familiar with the business and objectives. We work with the client to identify all potential opportunities.

We either use existing materials or develop speaking packets that typically include the following: biography, photograph, partial list of past speaking engagements, comments from past audiences, listing of past media appearances, pricing, presentation topics, venues and any other background information.

VGS then becomes the client's advocate, distributing information to appropriate outlets, inquiring about dates, deadlines, and other details of a speaking opportunity, and cementing engagements.

When there is a need for an abstract or paper to be submitted for consideration for a trade show or event, VGS can assist with the preparation and submission of these materials. Because deadlines for many such events are six months out, a planning timeline is developed to chart the submission and follow-up process. If the client chooses to submit these materials independently, VGS monitors the timeline and provides reminders prior to the due date.

VGS also develops a speaker confirmation form, handles all correspondence, provides packets and photos and arranges for any other special needs. VGS remains in close contact with the client throughout the process.



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