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media relations process

No two companies are alike. No two campaigns are alike. For every client, we approach media strategies and tactics with a fresh start to customize our efforts to your needs and marketing budget.

However, there are certain elements in our process that we always maintain. We believe these elements set us apart:

Outstanding Media Lists - Every VGS media relations client receives a custom media list, targeted to the publications and journalists most likely to care about your company and its products and services, and most likely to reach your customers and potential customers. We carefully select media outlets, organize them into a hierarchy of importance, verify accuracy, and perform regular maintenance. The result is an effective list that reaches the right people and allows us to spend our time talking with them.

AP Quality Releases and Texts - We follow Associated Press guidelines, the same as those used by journalists, to produce our press releases and feature articles. Editors are more likely to pick up our materials as a consequence, as less editing is required.

Customized Broadcasts - VGS can reach thousands of media outlets worldwide at the press of a button, or just the dozen you really care about. Either way, we work to determine the special quirks of journalists, determining how and when they like to receive information, so they like hearing from us.

Excellent Follow-up - Some larger agencies send press releases into the void and sit back and wait for someone to call. VGS prides itself on a diligent follow-up process that we consider polite but persistent. Indeed, we will call media up to three times to encourage coverage, as well as build a relationship with your top media contacts through conversation.

Tracking and Evaluation - VGS brings the process home by tracking your placements, securing your clippings, and if you require, preparing advertising equivalency reports so that you can evaluate the impact of your marketing.



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