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what is your story?
who is your public?

Public and media relations serve an important role in building and communicating any company’s long-term image and in achieving immediate marketing goals.

Many people confuse public relations with paid advertising, but they are different, if related. In our definition, public relations is a distinct set of ways to build a more direct relationship with the public, including your customers and potential customers. This can entail events, contests, promotions, charitable involvement, public speaking and much more.

Going hand-in-hand with public relations, media relations focuses on generating editorial press coverage for clients, as opposed to paid advertising. Editorial coverage is a particularly powerful form of public communication, lending credibility to your products and services, and providing an objective source of information that may impact the public more forcefully than advertising. In fact, the same amount of space in print or time on the air is usually considered more valuable if it is editorial coverage rather than advertising.

Our goal at VGS is to use effective public and media relations strategies and tactics to give you an active voice, to make sure the right people know the right things about what you do. Properly employed, these services can be a dynamic addition to a company’s advertising, marketing and sales effort, significantly impacting business results.



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