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uncross your signals

VGS communications design offers you a complete range of writing and graphic design services for everything from print to the Web, all executed with a brand-building perspective.

What this means is the potential for consistent visual and textual messaging across all media. Uncrossing your signals in this way gives you a branded look and helps customers remember who you are, so they can more easily associate your products and services with your image and identity.

We are accustomed to working with both large companies with established brand images and smaller businesses that may need to create a brand image from scratch.

With a wealth of options, you can build an integrated, multifaceted marketing campaign. We can also work with you in just one area if your needs are smaller.


Print Advertising – Design, photography, copywriting, administration, regional media planning and buying.

Direct Mail Advertising – Design, photography, copywriting, print bid solicitation, print administration, mailing list databases, complete mail house services.

Graphic E-mail Advertising – Complete services for this increasingly popular and cost-efficient way to reach customers, design, copywriting, e-mail list databases, automated distribution and tracking.

Web Sites and Mini-Sites – Full Web design encompassing animation, sound, databases and e-commerce, as well as copywriting, content development, graphics, photography…all executed following a disciplined timeline so your site goes live as scheduled.

Large Scale Graphics – super scale graphics for posters, banners, kiosks, product displays, event booths and signage, including design, copywriting, photography, production bid solicitation and production administration.

Indoor and Outdoor Advertising – design, copywriting, photography, regional media planning and buying for billboards, kiosks, indoor signs, bus and taxi, in-theater advertising and more.

Professional Writing Services – award-winning writing services including copywriting, speech writing, employee communications, articles, product literature and more.

Customer Gifts & Promotional Products – consultation to find the best options from a huge range of choices, design, copy, photography, production bid solicitation, production administration.

Package Design – design, copywriting, photography for product packaging working with your existing production house.



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